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Hormone Replacement Therapy helps men and women perform better and enjoy living.


Get your body in excellent shape with nutritional guidance and supplements designed for you.

Weight Loss

Achieve your goals with peptide therapy and more in our weight loss program.


When you look younger, you feel younger. And you can look younger with anti-aging injectables.

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It’s About You – Our number one goal and utmost concern is your well-being. And we believe that true overall well-being requires an individualized approach, preventive and proactive measures, and a holistic treatment plan. Learn more about our comprehensive wellness evaluation here.

We Walk With You- You will not undergo your journey to wellness alone! We will walk you through your personalized plan, making care as convenient as possible.

Affordable Pricing – We believe everyone should be able to take good care of their bodies and our pricing structure is designed to fit almost any budget.

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Who Are Our Patients?

Everyone who wants to take responsibility for their health with the goal of avoiding chronic illness later in life.

Everyone who suffers from a lack of energy, chronic fatigue, a decline in feeling of general well-being, signs of aging such as joint pain, low mood, anxiety, low libido, and more.

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In my years of practice, I have found that patients with chronic medical conditions in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s have a few things in common. Those who develop type 2 diabetes and heart disease are most often overweight and live a relatively sedentary lifestyle. They often complain of feeling fatigued. They have poor dietary habits and rarely exercise.

While suggestions for change are frequently given by their doctor, patients commonly say they are too tired or unmotivated to initiate change. When they do try to make changes, the results are minimal. They become discouraged with the effort that these changes take.

It’s not a coincidence that a decline in energy occurs around the same time that hormone levels begin to fall substantially. With that in mind, if we replace the hormones in a safe and effective way, and the patient has their energy back, they can make lifestyle changes to avoid obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, which are often the major factors in developing chronic disease.

For this reason, we view hormone replacement as a crucial component of preventative medicine, and we recommend a full hormone evaluation for anyone with symptoms consistent with hormone deficiencies.

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HRT for Women

Regain control of your body, improve energy levels, enjoy life again.

HRT for Men

Improve performance, feel like your younger self again, enjoy life and relationship.


Proper nutrition will help you achieve wellness and avoid disease.

The Henson Philosophy On Wellness and Aesthetics

Wellness and aesthetics are two interconnected realms that, when harmoniously integrated, contribute to a holistic approach toward self-care and personal fulfillment.

Aesthetics, often associated with beauty and visual appeal, extends beyond mere outward appearance to encompass the overall wellness of an individual.

When our patients make the decision to prioritize their wellness, incorporating healthy habits and self-care practices, the effects often radiate outward, positively influencing their aesthetic perception and presentation.

Our job is to extend a helping hand while they journey toward their own personal overall wellness. Learn more about our anti-aging treatments.